Craddle of Wine

Traditional Terracotta Qvevris

Director of the company, Tomaz Simon Begashvili has 40 years of experience in qvevri winemaking. He works as a curator of great products for our customers in close cooperation with his friends- artisan qvevri makers. (The villages of Atsana in Guria; Makatubani, Shrosha, Tq'emlovana, Chkhiroula in Imereti; and Vardisubani in Kakheti are traditional kvevri-making areas in Georgia). Qvevri making, especially for large-capacity qvevris, requires great skill, experience and expense.

guria qvevri 

Qvevris are available in a variety of styles and in many sizes. For instance, Atsana originated Qvevris, do not differ in their size from other Qvevris, from Imeretian or Kakhetian ones, but are different as they always have scratched ornamentation on the surface, made by a special tool and have some belt-like circle strips on the whole body length. Kvevris manufactured in Vardisubani also differ from others in shape: they are more a heart-shaped, rather than egg-shaped, very strong and made from very dense clay. Imeretian qvevris (churi) have light-weight and thin walls

We sift through all the noise, tests and evaluate what’s available, and supply just the very best for our customers We double check the quality of the qvevris, make the linings, supply the qvevris with lids, fitings and covers, organize right packaging and shiping all over the world from Georgia.

2000 lit qvevri loadingqvevri 1000

Concrete Qvevris

Using  the traditional Georgian terracotta qvevris We have found that the concrete has almost the same properties as  the terracotta. We also found that the most profound French wines are made in concrete vessels. That's why we started the concrete qvevris making. Our qvevris have three layers: the inside layer is made  of the special low ph concrete mix, the middle layer made from reinforced concrete and the outer from lime-cement decorative protective mix. There are a series of options that can be added : Inox lids, buterfly valves and etc More information about the concrete qvevris you will find on www.qvevri.ca

400 l concrete wine tank