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"DOMAINE GEORGIA"- Your source for natural winemaking with QVEVRI

QVEVRI - Egg-Shaped Vat for WINEMAKING

QVEVRI=KVEVRI~ amphora~ dolium~ tinaja
If you are interested in information on Qvevri, Terracotta or Concrete wine vessels, "Orange wine", and Georgian wine making technology which confers maximum health benefits, or if you enjoy making wine, then you're in the right place.

 kvevri+grape=wine Mission Statement

To promote unique Georgian wine heritage and share it with atrisan wine makers and vintners suppllying them with qvevris.You will be able to try the oldest Georgian winemaking methods to produce your wines including red, and unusual procyanidin reach orange (amber) wines. The "Domaine Georgia" is a small company which produces and ships Qvevris (made from terracotta and concrete) and amber wine from Georgia all over the world.

 kvevri+grape=wine Superior Quality and Authenticity

We are an entirely integrated enterprise. It means that a single company monitors and assures the whole process: from the selection terracotta qvevris and wine in Georgia, to the following packaging and shipment. Read more how our products differ from the others here >>>

 kvevri+grape=wine Affordable price

"Domaine Georgia" helps you buy qvevri at the very affordable price. A typical wooden barrel loses approximately 30% of its flavor potential each year, meaning its reliability and value decrease over time. Tired of wasting money and energy on barrels, some winemakers began taking a more ancient, decidedly more romantic approach in the 1990s: Qvevri aging! We believe that our prices is the true cost of what a quality kvevri is so you can create premium wines. Enjoy your dry, orange, or semisweet wines while saving. Read more here >>>

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