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We are a small niche company, our prices are very competitive. The qvevris are unique terracotta vessels which are produced by hand on a limited basis so the best way to assure yourself of receiving these products before the next vintage is to order them right now.


Our Qvevris and Wines are handcrafted and guaranteed 100% GEORGIAN products.

Traditional Qvevris Sizes produced : 100Lit, 200Lit, 300 Lit, 400Lit, 600 Lit, 1000 Lit, 1500 Lit and 2000 Lit . For more information about the qvevri types read here>>>

Modern Qvevri Qvevrica, Qvevris Sizes produced 120Lit, 220 Lit, 400Lit 900Lit; other sizes (2-8Klit) coming soon. For more informatin about the Qvevrica qvevris please visit www.qvevri.ca


1. Sea freight, from Georgia (all over the world) recommended for big qvevris (more than 200 liters) and bulk orders. Approximate cost of 20’ Sea container  delivery (can be loaded with four 2000 liters kvevris) from Georgia to North America is  2500 (East coast)-4000 (West coast) US $.

big 2000 lit qvevriqvevri delivery sea container

We can load a 20’ container to its maximum capacity, up to 9000 liters of total volume of qvevris. You can combine your order as you wish. For example: 2 2000 liter qvevris + 2 1000 liter + 4 400liter + 5 200 liters + 10 50 liter = 9000 liter.

sea container with qvevris

The prices of Georgian qvevris are typically 60% less than French oak barrels. Moreover, unlike barrel the qvevri lasts forever. Here you’ll find the price comparison between different ovoid wine vats>>>.

In order to gain special prices, buy in bulk. We offer volume discounts up starting from 5000 lit of your entire purchase.

2. Air freight, from Tbilisi Airport, Georgia, transportation cost: from 4 $ per kg (for some destinations only), recommended for the  small and medium kvevris (50-400 liters).

small qvevriqvevri in box ready for air transportation

50 lit qvevri ~ 40x40x60cm 25 kg

120 lit ~ 50x50x110cm 60 kg

200 lit ~ 60x60x120cm 75 kg

400 lit ~ 80x80x150cm 160 kg

all dimensions are nominal

3. Truck delivery and Local pick up

on truck

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International Customers:

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Domestic Customers:

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kvevri  - fermentation and ageing of Georgian wines.