Craddle of Wine





We offer you  Kakhetian wine  (Kahuri in Georgian- კახური)  also known as  qvevri, amber or orange wine from small producers from main wine growing region of Georgia – Kakheti

 “Kahuri From the Qvevri” —  high quality amber wine at a very low price that’s good for the planet too! 

 Our wine is rigorously selected by our team in order to offer quality wines, wines which fully express all the personality and the typicality of the terroir and sold in continent, eco-friendly bag in box packages at the best price. Whole bunches of Rkatciteli crushed and macerated on skins for  minimum three month in Qvevris. Notes of honey, dried fruit, tangerine peel, herbal even and with good body – ABV 12%.

  bib qvevri wine

To keep our wine tasting its freshest, we store it in qvevris or  stainless steel tanks within our climate controlled cellar where it remains a constant 15 °C year round. We top the inside of each Stainless Steel Tanks with nitrogen gas (the biggest component of breathable air) to chase out flavor-damaging oxygen. Then, only after we get order, do we actually package our  wine “just in time” to complete the shipment.

DOMAINE  GEORGIA wants to help the rest of the world enjoy wine like the Georgians do – in a more affordable , healthy, and environmentally sustainable way. Domaine Georgia’s decision to sell wines only in bag-in-box (BiB) offers our customers great benefits:

orange wine bib

Optimal preservation after opening

While the quality of the bottled wine is altered after 3 days once opened, the BIB preserves the freshness and the taste qualities of the wine until 6 weeks after opening. Thanks to the oxygen-barrier multilayer film and the service tap, the wine is kept away from oxidization. 


BIB are less expensive and less heavy than glass. Packaged in multiple formats from 2 to 10 liters, BIB production costs are reduced. Therefore, the consumer generally benefits from cheaper prices. Its preservation time allow a fractional consumption without waste.


A more compact and lighter packaging means fewer trucks needed for transport and therefore a minimized carbon footprint. The BIB is composed of 75% paper and cardboard that are 100% recyclable. Once separated from the wine skin, the cardboard can be directly placed into the recycling bin.

Convenient and user-friendly

Wine is a popular drink at convivial meals or outdoor events. Convenient to carry, pleasant to share and easy to use, the BIB is the perfect packaging for these moments of consumption. Also, there is no pressure to finish it on one occasion.